Sex Ed Survey

We need your help! We're calling on parents to ask their schools to let them review the sex ed curriculum and materials, and report to us what happened and what they found.

In North Carolina, parents have a right to consent, review, and interact with their child's public sex education. However, across our state, parents continue to be shocked by what they find their kids being taught, or confused about how they can consent, review, and interact with their kid's sex education. Some parents are even being turned away when they ask to see these materials!

Here's where you come in. We need parents to do one simple action. We need you to go your school, and request to see the sex ed curriculum AND the materials. We then need you to visit this page, and tell us what happened via the included form.

Your response here will help us evaluate what schools are "Parent Free School Zones," by helping us keep an updated interactive maps that parents can use to educate themselves.

Were you able to review the sex education curriculum AND materials upon request?