Year after year, there are more hidden initiatives intended to indoctrinate children in the classroom.

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, the Human Rights Campaign, Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens (SHIFT NC), and Equality NC are just a few that are pumping harmful curriculum into children through using schools.

Many of these curricula are provided free and are used to communicate directly with teachers and school districts, meaning that parents are kept out of the loop.

Instead of adopting curriculum publicly, which can be discovered by parents, these groups create “teacher development programs” that provide “resources.”

They are providing curriculum by deceptively misnaming it “teacher development.”

Thus, it is important that parents do their homework of uncovering what is being taught and facilitate conversations with their children’s teachers, particularly social studies, civics, and English teachers.

Below are some stories related to what is being taught in our schools.

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